Tuesday, 20 December 2016


I've wished for many things throughout my life, mainly wishing for a slimmer figure and that wish came true this year. 

I found Slimming World before Christmas last year and I was given the same little 'Food Optimising' book, as everyone else. I read it cover to cover and I went for it, with bells on! Enough was enough, I'd reached that point in my life where I had to make a change, for myself, my husband, my two little boys. They needed a mum, a healthy mum, a mum who wasn't afraid to play in the garden.

I did it. I made my wish come true, for myself, for my husband, for my two little boys. It wasn't easy, I work at it every day but Slimming World makes it easier for me and its become a way of life for the whole family. 

When I joined Slimming World, I had no idea what it was about, the certificates and shiny stickers, the competitions, the love, the sparkly castle. None of that existed to me - Slimming World was 'another' diet company. 

It didn't take me long to realise it wasn't a diet, I've tried many diets (and failed) but I've never eaten this much food in my life and I enjoy it, every single day.

I've visited the sparkly castle, I've met the people behind the magic, they love their job and they care about members. I've been lucky enough to part of the Woman of the Year awards and attended the awards ceremony a few months ago, the most spectacular event I've been to. I also got to meet Margaret! Amazing, truly amazing!

Everything to do with Slimming World is very special and I've felt joy and happiness since I joined last year. It's not a company, its a family. 

A few weeks back, I welcomed this family into my home. They spent time with me and my little boys and listened to my story. I had no idea what they had planned, but this is what happened....

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