Wednesday, 28 December 2016


This is not a food related post, but it is a post about being kind to myself and since losing my weight I've really wanted the outside of my body to look as good as it feels on the inside. 

I now take the time for myself to have a pamper, enjoy shopping and have my nails done. I thought nothing about wasting £30 on a takeaway for ONE meal (which now gets me a weeks worth of groceries for the whole family), so the money I've saved on eating unhealthy I rewarded myself with a good book, a primark haul or a really posh bubble bath. 

So what is this post about? The clue really is in the title - eyebows! When did they become such a big thing? I absolutely never bothered with mine, rarely getting them waxed and never filled in the gaps with a pencil. I just wasn't bothered. Then I had my make-up professionally done at the Slimming World semi-finals and I loved it! I couldn't believe the difference in my face, so I was straight to the beauticians to have them tinted and a few weeks later I started to pencil them in.

I have to admit, I'm not the best at make-up, so occasionally my brows looked like wonky slugs above my eyes, its not easy to concentrate and be that precise when I have a toddler on my lap and a pre-schooler shunting a train into my ankle. I stuck with it though. I noticed a couple of my facebook friends talking about 'semi-permanent make-up brows' and so I decided to look into it. A salon in my town did them - great! The before and after photos blew me away, they look so natural and the thought of having perfect brows with no effort was the biggest selling point for me, especially with my holiday coming up. If i can get away with not wearing make-up, I will! They last over 3 years too, so thats a lot of time saved!! 

Beaut, a salon local to me in Atherstone, was running a competition which I decided to enter. After that I thought nothing of it and decided to see how many pennies Santa would bring me. Lo and behold I bloody won! Can you believe my luck? I really should start playing the lottery. 

So off I went to the salon, feeling excited but a little bit nervous - I was about to have my eyebrows TATTOOED! Its kind of a big deal, especially for someone who wasn't bothered about eyebrows a few months ago. Sam instantly put my mind at ease and after filling in some paperwork and applying some numbing cream, she began to draw a template with eyeliner. I was pleased to know this is what took the most time, we altered them a few times and made absolutely sure that they were perfect. We also took some time to match a colour, Sam mixed two pigments to create a chocolate brown that matched my natural colour perfectly.

The tattoo'ing then began! I wont lie, its not pain free but it was completely bearable and Sam was really generous with the numbing cream! It lasted around 30 - 45 minutes and because the atmosphere in the salon was so chilled and calm, I was actually really relaxed.

I am so very pleased with the results, it was such a scary decision to have this done (I almost chickened out twice) but I am so glad that I went for it. I really love them! I will be back in 6 weeks for a top up - eeeeek!

I hope this post helps, especially if your thinking about having this done yourself. I would have felt at ease reading this before booking an appointment - it's a HUGE step, putting your trust into someone you don't know to tattoo your face (eeeek!), but Sam was amazing and really listened to what I wanted. Absolutely thrilled to bit with them!

If you are interested in this treatment, I have attached all the appropriate links below and if you book in January 2017 you can get £50 off using code SPMMMW17!

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