Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Coping with Christmas

Hello, hello, ho, ho, ho!

I thought I would write a post about our Christmas plans, food plans, Slimming World plans and party plans - it might help someone to panic less about the festive period. 

I've always organised my food around my life, which why I love Slimming World so much! To keep myself (and Eddy) on track this Christmas, I started by writing down what parties, events and appointments we have planned and highlighted anything that I know would be a struggle. 

Here's what my plan looks like:-

19th General cleaning, washing etc. On plan
T 20th Swimming lessons On plan
W 21st Noah nursery On plan
T 22nd Boys party 10.30-12.30, cleaning On plan
F 23rd Boys nursery, shopping, out all day On plan
S 24th Christmas eve, weigh in, party Flexi - syns
S 25th Christmas day, dinner at home, evening with Ed’s family Flexi - syns
M 26th Boxing day, dinner at Grandma’s On plan
T 27th Family day On plan
W 28th Family day On plan
T 29th Nails 7pm On plan
F 30th Family day On plan
S 31st New years eve, weigh in, games, feast with Eddy Flexi - syns
S 1st New years day On plan

I listed briefly what obstacles I might need to overcome, which also helps me to plan ahead and create meal plan. The days where I think I may struggle, I have decided to use flexi-syns. You can read about flexi-syns here and there is a section about it in your food optimising book. 

Basically, it means sticking to plan but allowing yourself additional syns - the MOST IMPORTANT part is to continue counting those syns. It avoids you writing the whole day off, falling off track and stop you from feeling guilty. The last thing I want to do is binge and feel vile, guilty and bloated all over Christmas for that short moment of out of control indulging, this way I can enjoy myself and keep myself on track. 

I'm not entirely sure how many syns i will allow myself, I will decide at the time. I might not even need additional syns, but that security blanket is there should i need it. 

I know some of you must think, this is a lot of faffing and preparation, that I should just enjoy myself and let my hair down - it's Christmas after all! Unfortunately, it was thinking that way that got me into trouble in the first place. Slimming World will never be a diet in my eyes, its a lifestyle that will stay with me forever, so on occasions like Christmas I am taking control of my choices, I know exactly what to expect and more importantly I will be able to enjoy myself. 

Flexi-syn day 1 - Christmas Eve

We will be holding our annual party at home, all our families arrive to exchange presents, play games and eat food! I love hosting and I love cooking up a feast! We usually prepare a time consuming, calorie loaded buffet - this year I will be serving a Slimming World feast! I have ordered us a Slimming Hamper from LiveLean, the hamper we order every month and love. My theory is to cook up filling and speedy food which will avoid me picking (and spending hours at the cooker). 

The menu will consist of -

Slow cooked chilli, using LiveLean 4% fat mince, with lots of speedy vegetables and beans - syn free and served with boiled rice. 

Diet fanta ham, using the gammon joint from our LiveLean Christmas Hamper, with pickles, cheese roasted peppers and jacket potatoes - syn free.

Chicken and vegetable skewers, using LiveLean chicken breast, sprinkled with various herbs and spices, Slimming World houmous and crudités - syn free.

Dessert will be fresh fruit tree (fingers crossed it works), Slimming World pavlova wreath, oppo ice-cream and cocoa cup cookies for the little people.

My flexi-syns will be required for mince pies, a possible cheese board and a glass of baileys. 

The rest of my LiveLean Slimming Hamper will be put in the freezer for meals over the festive period. 

Flexi-syns day 2 - Christmas Day

We are staying at home for Christmas dinner and my parents will be joining us this year. We always like to be at home for the majority of Christmas day, the day should be filled with toy building and lounging in new pj's.

We have ordered a Christmas Hamper from LiveLean, everything's included other than roasties and vegetables. Its so very lazy of me, but i just don't want to miss a moment with the boys and I spend a majority of my time in the kitchen throughout the year, so I'm allowed to be lazy on this occasion. I haven't worked out syn values for stuffing / pigs in blankets / gravy etc. yet, but i will do and count all that i eat. 

My approach is that you only get one real Christmas dinner once a year, you should enjoy it! Last year I allowed myself an off plan Christmas dinner and pudding - i jumped straight back on plan afterwards and lost 3.5lb that week. It's one meal out of twenty one for that week - thats the important bit to remember. 

Pudding will be a giant meringue from Flower and White with cream (possibly quark!!) and berries. My mouth is watering just at the though of this!

Christmas day is the only day I know for certain - I will require flexi-syns!

Flexi-syns day 3 - New Years eve

We haven't made firm plans for this day yet, however we have already decided when the boys go to bed, me and Eddy will be scoffing a feast, a carpet picnic with a movie or a board game. Its the little things in life! We have done an 'on plan' feast before, so we will probably do something similar but with chocolatey treat for pudding. Its not Christmas without a chocolate orange, right? 

So there we have it! My coping with Christmas plan! The only thing I have left to do, is stick to it!

I wish you all a successful and Merry Christmas and a great start to 2017! 

I have a cheeky code for LiveLean, getting you £5 off your order - SWKRYS

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  1. Thank you for sharing,I myself have planned, first Christmas for myself as a target member, I have worked very hard like yourself and Ed, I would like to thank you for all your vloggs, your beautiful memories of Noah and jude, also to share your magical night on that stage,I cried when I first sore your dress, you are such an inspiration, sending you Ed and the boys lots of health and wealth for Christmas , love instagram mum xx