Sunday, 30 October 2016

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Sunday 30th October 2016

What an exciting week I've had, a little emotional roller coaster! I am hoping my next blog will be a rather exiting one, revealing who has won Woman of the Year 2016! Eeeeek! I'm not allowed to reveal it on my social media until Thursday 10th November, which is when Slimming World officially announce it. If you do see anything unofficial, please refrain from posting or commenting on my pages, please try and keep the result a surprise!


So, this week Jude started nursery, he was absolutely fine and it didn't phase him at all. It helped having Noah hold his hand and being a familiar face, I think it bothered me more than it did him! I really enjoyed having some time to myself though and getting the house neat and tidy for once! He's only attending one day a week, which is more than enough for both of us!


Me and Eddy have been preparing ourselves for the ball, we will literally have the cleanest face there! We are trying to be really well behaved and stick to plan rigidly, drink lots of water and have lots of beauty sleep! To be honest, its actually working and we feel pretty good for taking a little extra care of ourselves! I love how involved Eddy is with all my beauty regime, he wants to show off his new look too, so the evening will be pretty special for us both!

I've had some lovely parcels arrive through my PO Box this week, I got rather excited about my new sweatshirt from Harls and Ted! This has been specially designed for me, which is crazy and I love it so much I don't want to take it off! 

When designing it, I was thinking about my journey and the things that stuck out the most was what kept me motivated; people, friends and family all giving an opinion about what I can and cannot achieve. It's funny really, people didn't ever pass comment (to my face) when I was overweight, but as soon as you start losing weight everyone seems to have something to say. I've had some pretty crappy things said to me "it wont last", "she'll put it all back on at Christmas", "you'll never be a size 12", "don't lose anymore weight" and my personal favourite "you can't...". After everything I have been through this year, I am certain 'I can' do pretty much anything if I set my mind to it. This mummy can. 

You can buy one of my sweats from Harls and Ted, in a variety of colours and sizes - join my mummy army, you can do this!

I was a little nervous about weigh in this week, its my last official weigh before the ball. I had a little gain the previous week, still under target and in target range which is perfectly normal, but I really wanted to lose a pound to get back to my 7 stone 2lb total loss - i did it of course. I lost 1lb exactly. Its amazing how different a couple of pounds feels and after a rather nasty star week, bloating and water retention, I felt much better and back to normal. 

After weigh in, me and Eddy went to the jewellery quarter to have our wedding/engagement rings re-sized. Its sooooo good to look married again! I absolutely adore my engagement ring, it makes my heart leap, even more so when its been cleaned and I haven't got to worry about it falling off!

I reached 25k followers on my instagram this week - that is incredible! Who would have thought so many of you are interested in what I scoff! I can't thank you all enough! You incedible, incredible lot! Lots of love for your support!

So, overall its been a good week and I'm now preparing for the week ahead. I have lots of appointments; dentists, beauticians, dress fitting! Eeeek! I will be posting lots of photos of the day, but as soon as its time to go on stage for the announcement to be made I will be signing out of my social media. It does kill me to have to do this, all the support you have all given me is just incredible, but it will be worth the wait and I think its only fair that the winner gets the best publicity they deserve. 

Whoever wins, whatever happens, I feel truly blessed to be attending. I would never have believed I would get this far and the other nine ladies are beyond incredible. I have made some life long friends because of it and I'm the winner in my own journey. I didn't join Slimming World to enter competitions, I joined for myself, my boys and my husband - they have the best version of me and that's all I've ever wanted. 

So guys, have a good week, be good, be brave and trust the plan!

Love always, 

Krystina xx

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