Sunday, 23 October 2016

Weekly Journal Blog

Sunday 23rd October 2016

Hello guys, I haven't blogged much recently, I think I have over stretched myself and so I've decided to give you quality over quantity and given my blogging schedule a little revamp.

Sunday - I will be posting my weekly journal blog and telling you how I am planning my week ahead. A little bit like image therapy but sharing it with you all! 

Tuesday - I will be posting my weekly vlog, what we have been up to, meals, cooking, all the general stuff condensed into one mighty vlog!

Thursday - I will be posting another vlog, a weekly special on a particular topic. Please give me some ideas of what you want me to trial, test and waffle on about! A week of scan bran challenge, loose skin, body magic or even meals on a budget! 

How does that sound? 

If you pop over to my youtube channel, click on subscribe and the lovely people at YouTube will be notify you when a new vlog is uploaded. I will be continuing my Monthly Faves and Primark Haul's as usual! 

So, this week I gained 0.5lb, which is fairly normal maintaining for me. My target is 10 stone 6lb and I am currently 10 stone 4lb. I seem to be hovering at the very low end of my target and I am quite happy there. Throughout my weight loss journey I was always really scared of gaining and I never did until reaching target. Now I seem to be gaining 1 or 2 lb one week and the losing it again the following week. That's just how I maintain and I'm happy with it! It would be pretty impossible to stay the exact same weight every single week. I've now been at target 5 months which is amazing! I don't think anyone expected me to lose this amount of weight, let alone maintain it! 

It's now less than 2 weeks until the Woman of the Year awards and I am getting slightly anxious about it all now! Anxious in an exciting way! It makes me nervous when people tell me "you'll win this!" because I feel like I will be disappointing if I don't. I am just very thankful to be even going to the ball, it's like a fairy tale to me. I get to wear the most beautiful dress (which is tiny), Eddy is by my side looking handsome in his tuxedo, I know my family are proud and I'm enjoying this moment. If I don't win, then it will be well deserved to the lady who does, the other nine ladies are AMAZING and I've made some wonderful friends. 

So, wiping away my happy tears of disbelief; this week is getting a little hectic, lots of appointments, Jude is starting Nursery (eeek!) and I am feeling a little sluggish when I want to be feeling FABULOUS! My week has been planned and as usual I have food optimised around my busy little life! 

This week, I have planned my evening meals in advance and left my brekkies and lunches as a little free for all. My fridge is stocked with lots of prepared free foods and all the naughty food is labelled with syn values, so if I do make a decision to eat total rubbish it will be controlled and on plan. 

I am still tracking and completing a food diary. I have been using my "Retro from Scratch" journal which is perfect! I have a lovely space for me to write what I've scoffed and a full lined page to scribble down my thoughts and feelings from the day. A little bit of self therapy to help keep me sane through this process (I've mainly just written "eeeeek" after each sentence!).

Saturday after weigh in we spent the day clearing the new allotment, body magic in its finest and I ached everywhere Sunday morning. We were supposed to be doing boot camp Sunday morning but we chickened out and went shopping instead. I bought a little black dress to wear on the day of the awards, for when we have photographs with Margaret (eeeek!) and a celebrity! I am a size 8-10 usually, but dresses are always a size 10. Today, in Warehouse the size 10 was massive and it was with great pleasure I shouted "I need the smaller size, a size 8 please Eddy!" YAY! Ever so chuffed! We also went to Primark, all I can say is Primark Haul vlog to follow! Hahaha! 

I hope you all have a good week losers! Keep smiling, keep living happy!

Krystina x

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