Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Scan Bran Waffles

I've noticed a lot of people doing the scan bran challenge, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon!

I popped into a group local to me last night and purchased 3 packs of scan bran, which will last me 6 days. Although, I am told the challenge should be done over 5 days - so I'm following the rules!

I've had scan bran a few times and its not bad, but not the best ingredient in the world. It resembles cardboard and is almost impossible to chew, but its high in fibre and if Slimming World recommend it, its good enough for me! 

I would like to lose a couple of pounds before my birthday, so I can enjoy a little birthday cake and champers! It is my 30th after all! 

Anyway, here's day one - scan bran waffles! 


5 scan bran (hexb or 6 syns)
2 eggs
1/2 small tub of quark
flavouring (such as orange essence, vanilla essence or skinny syrup)

Step 1 - Break up the scan bran and pour over a little boiled water to help soften. 

Step 2 - Add some flavouring, I have used orange essence from Tesco, but skinny syrup is nice or some vanilla. Mix until the pieces are broken down into a paste like consistency.

Step 3 - Add two eggs and a good dollop of quark (I use around half a small tub).

Step 4 - Add sweetener - its entirely up to your own taste how much you add. I added 3 tablespoons as I have a sweet tooth! Mix it all together until its a runny and smooth(ish). 

Step 5 - I use a waffle iron which I bought from Aldi (£12.99) but you can buy silicone moulds and pop in the oven (180 for approx 20 mins). I give my iron a quick spray of frylight and pour in the mixture.

Step 6 - Be patient! Leave it a good 5 minutes before lifting to check. If it looks like its sticking, close the iron quick! You can usually smell when its almost done!

Step 7 - Pop it on to a plate, sprinkle with a little sweetener, pour over some choc shot & serve! I have mine with quark mixed with frozen raspberries (its like ice-cream!) which is the perfect combo!


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