Monday, 12 September 2016


I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to be a little bit exciting! Its my 30th Birthday on 26th September, so lots to celebrate! Its also the National semi-finals on 2nd October, so I shall need to look my best for that!

I suffer with bloating and skin flare ups when I'm nervous and stressed, so in aid to prevent this and look wonderfully glowing, I have decided to give Fruiteatox a go!

You can purchase it from and if you enter discount code SW20, you will recieve 20% off.

So let me tell you a little bit about it, the technical stuff! It's gluten free and vegan-friendly which claims to energise the body from the inside out. I'm most excited about the fact that is promotes healthy, radiant skin! I'll take that one! Increase metabolism and alongside exercise, burns fat as well as supporting weight loss. I don't mind a little boost in that department either!! Beats bloating and aids better sleep! I'm a busy mum, so no problems dropping off but would be nice to feel more rested! Lets see, shall we!
My Fruiteatox arrived in two pouches:-

Daytox Lemon - it is recommended that I drink this in the morning to allow the blend to work its magic throughout the day. It does taste very lemony and i didn't need to add sweetener which is good for me. 

Sleeptox Orange - to drink on a night before bed, every other night. I prefer this one, it reminds me of cosy Christmas evenings and I tend to drink it just as I'm winding down from my hectic day. I do need to add a sprinkle of sweetener to this one.

Fruiteatox recommend you simply pour boiling water into the cup with the tea bag and leave to brew for 3-5 minutes. I personally leave it longer and keep the teabag in whilst I'm drinking. Getting my money's worth!

I will be posting on my instagram and waffling away on my youtube channel about this for the next 28 days, keeping you informed of any noticeable changes I experience. So keep tuned!

I will also be attempting to drink the recommended daily 4 pints of water each day! Can see me spending this month in the loo!

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