Monday, 5 September 2016

10k Badgers Run

When I joined Slimming World, my biggest dream was to be healthy enough to be able to run. Losing weight isn't always about looking better, don't get me wrong its a fabulous bonus, but for me losing weight was about being healthy and I always envisaged being one of those healthy people running up the road and eating chia seeds for breakfast!

I started running around 5-6 months into my journey, by then I had lost around 5 stone and I felt comfortable enough to be seen in public doing exercise. I had attempted it a few months previously, but running on a busy road, red faced and sweating had attracted a few unwanted comments, mainly from people shouting out of car windows as they drove by. Thinking back now this makes my blood boil! I should have never have let those comments bother me; I'm just a normal woman, a normal mum, just trying to get off my big bum and shift those pounds. How dare someone judge me for that? But they did. People are mean. 

Whoever those idiots are, I dedicate this blog post to you! That "fat arse" woman has now lost 7 stone 1 lb (the 1 lb shouldn't be forgotten!) and I've recently ran a 10k run, which couldn't have been more public if I had tried, it was in my hometown Atherstone and hosted by the local running club, Badgers. Once more, I didn't only run for my own satisfaction, I did it for charity! I'd like to think that the person who passed judgement on me, wouldn't be able to run that distance and up those mountains, ooops I mean hills, of Merevale Lane. 

I make note that I completed the run in 1 hour 3 minutes, which isn't my finest. I hadn't trained much beforehand (being the normal busy mum that I am) and because I had previously got my 5k runs completed in 24 minutes my only regret is that I had been more prepared. The main point is that I actually completed it and that's something I couldn't have done literally 10 months ago. 10 months ago, I weighed heavier than my husband. I weighed 17 stone 5lb and would rarely leave my house and walk, let alone run. So I take that as an improvement!

I decided to participate as soon as I heard about it, the fact that my number was 20, shows that I was eager to book! I talked my Slimming World friend into joining me and we started the race together, finishing a few seconds apart. I absolutely loved it, it was painful and I struggled but I loved it. Every single step I took was a greater achievement and all I thought about was my family and friends at the finishing line. My husband and two little boys cheering me on; its the only thing that kept me running!

Unfortunately my finish line moment wasn't quite the 'arms raised - I did it!' moment I had visualised. As soon as I saw the the crowds, I got a little excited and slightly sped up to finally get my shining moment... I crossed the line heaving and had to continue running, running to the side to throw up! I'm not entirely sure whether it was the excitement, the shock or the heat but I died a little inside that I threw up in front of all those people! I would also like to add, at that point I also did a tiny little wee in my pants! Glamorous moment, right there!

I toddled off, all was forgotten when I received my medal and my eldest son Noah came running up to me. My whole family were there, eyes full of tears and proud of me for doing something I don't think any of us would believe I would do before I joined Slimming World. 

I guess the main point of this post is that I didn't think I could ever be healthy and fit enough to run to the shops, I could barley walk for 10 minutes, let alone run 10k. Despite the hurdles, the doubt and the negative experiences, I did what I set out to achieve. I slowed down in parts, I felt like I was never going to get to the end, my goodness in parts I felt like I was going backwards - but I DID get to the end of the journey. 

And to the absolutely f**kers who shouted those comments at me - you only made me more determined!

Photographs by Hartstone Photography

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  1. Absolutely brilliant achievement! Well done.
    As you said, the low lifes who shouted comments gave you the determination to achieve your goal... you showed them! Fantastic xx