Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Yummy Mummy Breakfast Bars

Another little invention this morning, mainly because I got to the fridge and shock, horror, I was out of quark! That never happens!

So after having a complete panic and two hungry little men tried to persuade me ice cream was a good breakfast, I came up with these bad boys! I always love my food, I would literally eat anything now days, but these are absolute HEAVEN! I will be making these a lot!

I've divided my healthy extra b, but you can use 35g of oats if you wish. This recipe has no rules, add a little of what you fancy, just count those syns! The grated carrot sounds odd, I get it! Trust me! Grate it as finely as you can & give it a go! It really bulks out your mixture and carrots are speed!


17.5g oats (1/2 hexb)
17.5g grapenuts (1/2 hex b)
1 egg
1 finely grated carrot
Sweetener to your taste - I swear by Sukrin Gold, a natural brown sugar alternative which is yum & syn free!
1 Whitworth shot - this is optional but totally worth it! I've used the raisin & chocolate for 4.5 syns


As always, easy as peas! Mix all ingredients together! I lined a square tin with greaseproof paper and poured the mixture in evenly. You can use whatever tin you fancy or even make them into cookie shapes!

I baked mine on 180 for approximately 15-20 minutes. Once removed from the oven I left to cool before cutting into bar shapes.

The boys had these too, made with extra oats, granola and cocoa powder & they loved them! I will definitely be making them again & baking a batch to store in the cupboard for a couple of days. 

Bonus! The boys never realise I add finely grated carrot, so they are getting an extra secret vegetable packed in! 


  1. will defo be trying this. Where do you get the 1 Whitworth shot from?

  2. You can buy them from most supermarkets - I found them in Tesco's though! They have loads of different varieties x

  3. What size of tin do you use for cooking the bars?

  4. Do you use the same recipe for the ones you make for your boys please?