Friday, 1 July 2016

Target week 1

I've been at target for 1 week and I've not really got into the swing of things yet. I have had additional healthy extra's on a couple of days and then I've been poorly so not eaten anything. I've not really found the balance of whats best for me so I'm hoping this will settle down soon. 

I decided that I will be weighing every two weeks now I'm at target, mainly because I am petrified of the scales and to maintain a healthy relationship with the bloody things I feel comfortable with standing on them fortnightly! We'll see how it goes anyway! So first week back at group and I didn't weigh! I still attend, I help with the social team and everyone needs a little image therapy don't they? I do! I love group! 

We had a guest consultant this week, who was lovely! The lovely Emma, I felt very inspired after her group and got me thinking more about being a consultant! 

My plan this week is to keep going! I have so much going on and in the middle of setting up a little work space for me at home to keep all of my Mrs Mummy Wright things in! I have lots of blogging to catch up with and suddenly seem very busy with things! 

A little none scale victory this week - I wore a bodycon dress! I never in a million years thought I would be able to wear such a thing. I was petrified! I know I'm no model, my tummy has housed two huge baby boys and is definitely an area I prefer to keep to myself, so this was a massive achievement for me. It doesn't matter how much weight you lose, sometimes your mind set is just set in a certain way and it takes forever to change that. 

I had some truly amazing comments on my instgram and facebook after posting this photo of myself in 'that' dress, I am forever thankful for your support, you're amazing!

My certificates are now taking a permanent place on my notice board - I couldn't be more proud of having them displayed in my dining room. They are a constant reminder, especially when I'm eating my dinner! 

My handmade notice board and lots of other designs are available to purchase here. Don't forget to quote "mrsmummywright" when ordering for 10% off.

I've had lots of press coverage this week, how amazing! It doesn't even sink in that this happening to me sometimes. The links are below if you fancy a read!

I hope you all have a good week losers and remember to keep going! x

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