Friday, 1 July 2016

Mrs Mummy Wright on holiday!

I'm home & I'm finally catching up after being away in sunny St Ives for 10 days! It was so lush & my only aim in life is to up roots and move down there. It's beautiful.

For those following me on Instagram, you'll know that I remained on plan during my holiday and I actually found it incredibly easy! I think having two hyper toddlers help, they got tired easily with being so active during the day, which meant we either ate back at the caravan so they could nap or we'd prepare a picnic & eat as we go. It was super easy to plan ahead and I had plenty of handy, low syn treats to keep me from going off the rails. St Ives is possibly the worst place in the world to go if your watching what you eat & I could have easily gained 2 stone whilst I was there!! 

Although I was on plan, it didn't feel deprived and I enjoyed every second of my holiday. Slimming World to me has changed my life and made me look at food differently. I don't need to fill my face or over indulge, I had a little of what I wanted and made good choices. My husband always reminds me that I don't need to reward myself with food, I am not a dog! I was a little taken back by this when he first said it, but he is so right & its stuck with me! Plus, I see that as a free pass to reward myself with clothes, shoes, bags! 

I also had in mind that I was 1.5lb away from target and I had committed to attending a group to weigh in on the Saturday whilst I was there. I think this was probably the biggest motivator I had the whole time I was away. 

So here goes, Mrs Mummy Wright's holiday survival:-


So instead of falling at the first hurdle & choosing a McDonalds breakfast at the service station, which I would have done last year, I prepared myself a scan bran cake with quark and fruit the night before. I identified the problem and prepared myself! In fact, the boys didn't have a McDonalds breakfast in the end, I had prepared them a packed brekkie of oaty muffins!


I made sure I had a good breakfast every morning. I arrived with pre-weighed bags of 35g grapenuts which are high in protein; so nice and filling, which most days I mixed with quark, fruit & topped up with chunky watermelon. I stumbled across Whitworth's shots of nuts & seeds which vary from 4.5-5 syns per pack, I used these a lot in my breakfast for bursts of energy throughout the day (you can buy these from Tesco).


Eating out

When eating out, I chose steak or fish which I asked to be cooked with no oil or butter. You can't always guarantee that these things are syn free but the point is the healthy choice you made in the first place. The food was so fresh and delicious I just enjoyed it and hoped for the best. I would have gone for a lasagna or a creamy pasta dish in the past & removed the salad. Shock, horror!



A lot of our lunches were picnic's or cooked back at the caravan so the boys could nap, this really helped me make good choices and a very convenient M&S food was only down the road so I was regularly popping in for bits & finding some yellow stickers! I saved my healthy extra's for picnics as ryvita (hexb) & laughing cow trianges (hexa) is always an easy thing to pack. I like mine with ham for protein and apple for speed. M&S do a "skinny" range, I sampled the skinny steaks with cauliflour rice & you can buy little individual bags of steam vegetables which are perfect to pop in the microwave.


I mainly snacked on fruit, it was easy to pop in my handbag, the kids always snack on fruit too. I also kept a little stash of M&S sweeties for 0.5 syn each, i had one in my mouth constantly when walking around St Ives and when the boys had ice-cream. It doesn't bother me when the boys have ice-cream or fudge etc. as I'm there with the wipes trying to keep them clean and sitting still, but the sweets just stopped me from having a sneaky taste or spoon full.

Body Magic

I didn't fit in my usual work outs, although I did manage a 5k run on the beach because it had to be done! But, in all honesty I didn't want to spend any time away from the boys and I wanted to wind down a little. However, a lot of the fun stuff for the kids involved a work out for mum & dad! We went on bike rides, sweating trying to get up killer hills before realising the brake was slightly on, swimming & a lot of carrying Noah. Noah is almost 3 years old and the double buggies went a few months ago with him being super independent. On holiday he decides its better to be carried around, so most of the time he was hanging around my neck! I don't mind, a constant cuddle is never a bad thing, but I swear my arms are now like the hulk!

Non scale victories

God's honest truth, this was the first holiday I've ever enjoyed! Even my honeymoon I spent fussing over outfits because I felt fat and bloated. I didn't feel like this at all, I loved my outfits, I didn't feel bloated because I'd over indulged and I didn't have anything to moan about. Saying that, my husband said it was the best holiday he'd had too, because I wasn't moaning and he didn't need to sit waiting for me to try on a million outfits. We were up, organised and out the caravan before most places were open! 

I had my photo taken, a lot! Hubby was constantly snapping when I wasn't looking which I love him for! I felt I needed to make up for lost time and capture this holiday to keep me on the right track. I didn't need to pre-approve any before being put on facebook, I just went along with it and it felt great. After all these years, I felt like I was finally happy in my own skin.

Two years ago...

Two years ago we came to the exact same holiday park, its a special place to me as I used to come here as a child and have some amazing memories. The only photograph I have of me is with Noah and I actually fell pregnant with Jude whilst I was here! It seemed so strange to have another photograph taken with Rory the Tiger, two years later almost to the day, yet I've gained another little boy and lost a huge amount of weight. I cant believe the difference, other than being extremely sweaty chasing two children around the dance floor at Tiger Club!


The biggest highlight of my holiday was the obvious, after 7 days of being on holiday I attended a local group for weigh in. I felt it important to attend, it would keep me on track and being only 1.5lb away from target it would be a perfect ending for me. I would just like to add that the group in Leedstown, Hayle was absolutely amazing, the consultant Kristina (great name!) welcomed me with open arms and it felt like I had been attending her group from day one; it was as scary as joining group for the first time and she put me at ease immediately. 

I very nervously stood on those scales, everyone was watching and I screamed. I needed 1.5lb and I lost 4.5lb! I had completely smashed my target of 10 stone 12lb. I weighed 10 stone 9lb! I got my certificate, my all important pin badge - also my 6.5 stone award and RAN! I ran to the car and cried to my husband (he cried too!) I still cant believe it now! Who loses weight on holiday? Really? 

I facetimed my group back home, they gave me a big cheer! I was kind of gutted I didn't do it at my own group but the support has been and still is, amazing. I couldn't have done it without group, its my absolute success having that hour every week.

So, there you go! I did it! 6 stone 10lb in 7 months, no gains, one maintain & a hell of alot of speed food! I reached target on holiday and got to have my 'after' photo in front of that amazing beach! Perfect!

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