Saturday, 2 July 2016

Handbag survival kit

I get asked all the time about how I keep motivated and how I keep on track. I can't stress enough about planning ahead, its all about the organisation! However, we all sometimes get caught out and I thought it would be useful to write a little guide on how I pack my survival kit (my handbag), for such occasions!

This is what's in my handbag!! It does vary from time to time but its a general idea of what I can't leave the house without! 

The usual girly things, my sunglasses (from Joules), lip gloss, lip balm, fitbit, watermelon purse and my watermelon napkins!

The next most important thing, FOOD! I always get caught out as the boys are usually equipped with a bag full of synful snacks. TIP! I always pack a separate bag for the boys! Having a rogue milkybar or pack of haribo's unattended in my bag (which are always left in there by accident) is pretty lethal!! So I have my own 'go to' snacks packed, which usually consist of Whitsworth Shot (depending on variety 4.5 - 5 syns), Hi-fi light bar (3 syns or 1/2 healthy extra b), 15g Green & Blacks chocolate (depending on variety 3.5 - 5 syns, this ginger one is 3.5 syns) and a pack of M&S sweeties (0.5 syn each).

The Whitworth shots are good to top over yoghurt, fruit or quark if I'm out or as a snack on its own & I feel less guilty using healthy syns. Hi-fi lights just hit the spot and can be used as part of your healthy extra b, the chocolate is a little indulgence if I am in a coffee shop, much lower on syns than a huge slab of cake but enough to make me feel less of a salad eating rabbit! The sweeties from M&S are definitely my favourite, they last for ages and feel so much more naughty than 0.5 syn. 

Out of habit I always take a bottle of water or squash out with me, its good to keep hydrated! Since discovering Littles flavoured coffee, I now carry a jar around with me. I usually take milk in my tea & coffee, so if visiting family or friends (or even when I'm out shopping!) I either have to guess my milk as part of my healthy extra a or guess the syn value. I'm too polite to ask if its skimmed & would you mind measuring it before pouring into my mug! This instant coffee takes all of that away! Its so yummy I can drink it black, just pop a teaspoon in with boiling water & bobs your uncle! Its syn free, delicious and feels totally luxurious and naughty! You can buy Littles in lots of different flavours from Waitrose, Holland & Barrett or direct from Littles website (coconut is particularly yummy!).

My next little essential are these adorable little scales from Salter. I bought mine from Asda (in store, not online) for £15. They are tiny, handbag size scales & the cover converts to a little bowl - what more do you want? I used these on holiday to weigh my cereal, but are superb to weigh bread rolls if your in a restaurant. No one would ever notice!

My final essential is my Slimming World Food Optimising book & food diary from Fox and Moon (you can see these diaries in more detail here). I have the Slimming World app on my phone, but its always nice to have a back up to check syn values and I can't live without my food diary, I have to write things down to keep myself on plan. 

I am so proud of my glitter stickers, why would I not want to carry this book around? A constant reminder of how far I've come.

So there you go! My handbag survival kit! I hope this helps! You'll never leave home without it! xx


  1. I'd need a suitcase to carry around all that! ��

  2. Hi Krystina
    Thanks for the tips - I've just ordered myself a little snack box like yours! Also, I love your tablecloth. Do you mind me asking where you got it from?
    Lorraine x