Thursday, 28 July 2016

Chocolate Orange Mug Cake

I stumbled across a rather fabulous instagram account this week and noticed that this gorgeous lady uses 'Jordan's Natural Wheat Bran' in a lot of her baking. 

Now, I like a good stodgy brekkie but baked oats, weetabix and grapenuts can take time and its not always ideal having two little ones. Some mornings I don't get to eat my brekkie with the boys & I'm left waiting until the oven has pinged.

Fopperholic has come up with a rather tasty solution, although I've adapted her recipe slightly because I can never completely follow any recipe fully!

So before you read on, go check out Fopperholic's instagram, she is just wonderful and has a pretty amazing blog too. 

Jordan's Natural Wheat Bran - 60g for healthy extra b or 6 syns, yes 60g! It's cheap as chips too, 78p from Asda. Its full of fibre and extremely filling. What I enjoyed most, is that I only needed to use 30g for this recipe, leaving me with 1/2 healthy b for later in the day, I never say no to an afternoon hi-fi bar!


30g Jordan's Natural Wheat Bran (1/2 healthy extra b)
2 eggs
1 finely grated carrot
1 dollop of quark
1 tablespoon of sweetener

I also added 1 teaspoon of orange essence (I get mine from Tesco which is syn free) and a sachet of options chocolate for 2 syns. Any cocoa will do, just check the syn value beforehand, as they do vary.


Simple as peas! Mix all the ingredients together and pop the mixture into a large mug! I used a soup mug as I had too much mixture for a standard size mug, but you can use anything that is microwave safe.

Ping in the microwave for approximately 4 minutes!

I served mine by tipping out of the mug, cutting in half and filling with sweetened quark and fruit. It was delicious and I was completely stuffed.

The carrot really bulked out the mixture and added an extra speed food to my plate. Bonus!

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  1. Had this for breakfast, was very tasty and enough left for my afternoon snack. Thanks