Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Week 31

Oh my! What a week! I've been in the lovely New! Magazine, which I am thrilled about (you can see my post about it here).

The response I've had has just been out of this world, I cant believe how many people are inspired by me. It really doesn't seem real, but absolutely worth every sleepless night worrying about it knowing I've helped at least one person in a similar situation. 

New! is off sale now, so I'm sorry if you missed it. I'm sure I will be popping up in print sometime in the future! 

I had a lovely surprise from Slimming World this week too, actual 'Head Office Slimming World' might I add! Some stunning flowers delivered to my door congratulating me on my story with New!, I feel truly blessed. I really only told my story to help promote how amazing slimming world is, a little thank you for helping me turn my life around. 

So I rocked up to group on Saturday morning, only 7lb away from target. I wasn't expecting miracles but a girl can dream! I didn't weigh in the week before so it was possible to get a good loss! It was also the last weigh in before my holiday, so I didn't have too much pressure! 

I lost 3 lb! I was chuffed with that! 

I have a non scale victory too, size 8 top and jacket! Even more chuffed with that!

Really happy! It could have been a dreaded gain (I've never had one) as I had a lot body changes this week and it has definitely been a challenge. Although, that last 4lb is now driving me nuts! 

I'm now 11 stone 2 lb which is just ever so slightly heavy for my height of 5ft 6. My BMI is 25.1 and still classed as overweight! ANNOYING!

I would really like to get a good few lbs within healthy range for the sake of diabetes clinic, but the main point is I absolutely, 100% know, that I'm not f'in overweight! I'm fit and healthy and completely happy with how far I've come, plus by next week that chuffin' chart will be green and screaming HEALTHY! Its only 1lb away! Grrr!

I have arranged to attend group on holiday next Saturday, I really didn't want to reach target on holiday away from my amazing consultant, Sandra. So if I'm feeling particularly brave and lighter this week I might attend the Thursday group with her before I go away! How superb would it be to get target the day before I go on holiday? Fingers crossed!

6 stone 3 lb gone forever in 7 months!

Have a good week losers, I hope my next post will be me - with a sparkly blue certificate!

Keep smiling, keep losing and keep going! 

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