Sunday, 22 May 2016

Week 29

I needed 2.5lb to get my 6 stone award - what did i get? 2.5lb! Wheyyy! Absolutely thrilled to bits! I also received my platinum body magic award which is just amazing! 

I've had a couple of non scale victories this week, very comfy in my size 10's now! Another little playsuit for my holidays which I love! Great thing about being slimmer, it's so much easier to dress myself and I finally feel comfortable going out! It feels so amazing, not having to hide.

I have a new 'before' photo! Noah (my 2 year old) came running into me on Wednesday with this photo, which he found wedged in one of his books. I didn't know I had this photo and I was a little shocked by it.

Noah knew his Daddy, he thought the baby was Jude (it was Noah) but he didn't know his mummy! He said it was a lady. I didn't know whether to cry or smile, such a bitter sweet moment. I wasn't at my biggest in this photo and little did I know, I was pregnant! My only regret in life is not finding slimming world sooner, so many memories have not been photographed.

On a more positive note, look at these gorgeous awards! Just enough room for a target certificate now! I need to set a concrete target for myself, I have changed it a couple of times but I do feel I am almost there. 

I have touched on the negativity around my weight before, so just to clarify my healthy weight range for my height is 8 stone 3 lb to 11 stone 2 lb. My current weight is 11 stone 5 lb, which is classed as 'overweight'. I really want to be within a healthy BMI range, with a couple of pounds to play with. I'm high risk of developing diabetes, so a healthy BMI is my priority. 

Memo boards is from Sarah's bespoke memo boards and she has some beautiful designes perfect for displaying those well deserved awards! Take a look at her facebook page
PLUS - she offers a 10% discount for slimming world members, just quote "mrsmummwright" when ordering!

I have been doing a lot of running recently, I really really love it! My body shape has completely changed since I started and I'm starting to lose more inches than pounds. I can easily run 5k now and I try to get out 3 times a week. Its perfect for me, it fits in with the boys bedtime, I get more time with my hubby and I've done a crackin' workout in 30 minutes.

I have two more weigh in's before I go on holiday, it would be so fabulous if I could decide on a target and achieve it before I go! I think I'm leaning towards another 7lb loss but I'm not pressuring myself into it! 

I have found a Slimming World group near to where I'm staying in Cornwall, so I will be attending weigh in's as usual to keep me on track! It's Saturday mornings too, bonus! I will remain on plan, because I'm not on a diet, I'm following a healthy lifestyle! I am so determined and my running gear will be packed in my suitcase for a run along the beach! 

Hope you all have a good week, you gorgeous little losers! xoxo

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