Saturday, 7 May 2016

Week 27

I am thrilled to bits this week and I have really worked hard. I have stuck to plan 100%, no picking on sneaky sweets from the kids. Its paid off and I've lost a whopping 4.5 lbs! Welcome back to being on track!

I have made a few changes this week, but mainly I have stopped stressing about getting to target! It will happen, but right now I am enjoying my journey again. I understand that I have less fat to lose, so it will take me a little longer than I first thought, but looking at my before and after photo's gives me some perspective! My two year old, doesn't know the lady on the right and that's how his mummy looked only 5 months ago. 

I have chosen to have 'healthy' syns this week and having my healthy nibbles and graze box deliveries have really helped. I will be posting reviews on these boxes, so please check out my product review page here. I have enjoyed topping my fruit salad's with seeds and nuts and having a cheeky bag of freshly popped popcorn! Having those healthy, raw flapjacks have been really handy when I've been out and about too. I feel like I'm being extra good using my syns on healthy food.

I have also scoffed alot of melon this week - what a thing to be addicted to! Melon! I could happily eat it all day, everyday! What's really odd, I hadn't even tried it until about 3 weeks ago! (I shouldn't really admit that!)

I apologise for not posting much on my blog recently, I have had the craziest few weeks and all will be revealed soon. Big things are happening to Mrs Mummy Wright and I cant wait to share them with you all! I promise I will posting all weekend to get up to date with the recipes I've promised! 

So, I have 16.5 lb left until I reach target, only a couple more pounds to get into healthy BMI range which is fabulous! 

I've had a few off scale victories this week, I have finally allowed my Dad to photograph me with Jude (he's a wonderful photographer and his facebook page can be found here), something I have avoided for the whole of Jude's life. I have also, very nervously, walked through my local town in leggings and a strappy top - huge deal for me but I felt comfortable and relaxed and I constantly reminded myself that I've lost nearly 6 stone, so I look fine!

Body magic has been fabulous with this warm weather, I've squeezed in 3 runs and a fit bike class. I am so chuffed with how well I am running at the minute, I did 5K in 28 minutes which I am told is a pretty good time. The fact that I can run this far, is just a miracle, I struggled to walk 5 minutes before I joined slimming world. 

I really hope you all have a good week, fingers crossed I will have a shiny 6 stone award to talk about next Saturday! Later losers! x

Start Weight
17 stone 5 lb

Current Weight
11 stone 7.5 lb

Target Weight
10 stone 5 lb


  1. Sally brierley7 May 2016 at 07:40

    You truly are an inspiration x

  2. well done i joined sw 13 weeks ago and coming up to 2 stone loss but i just dont know if im eating right etc any tips would be great ..but you are looking awsome well done again x