Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Questions & answers

I have so many messages and comments everyday, asking lots of questions about how I lost my weight. I wish I could answer them all, I love to be able to help, but I do have two little terrors to look after and sometimes it becomes impossible! I thought this might help, the most common questions, answered! 

So here goes...

What is your secret and do you have any tips?

I really have no secret, I just stick to the plan! It really does work well for me. I follow the rules, I measure my healthy extras and I don't have cheat days. If I follow the plan correctly I don't feel the need to cheat because I am not depriving myself of the food I love. I happen to be a total fruit bat and a plate full of fresh fruit would win me over any day, so I guess this works in my favour!

As for tips, I would say never let yourself go hungry. The minute I get peckish is when I'm likely to pick at the kids snacks or lick a custardy spoon! Those syns add up and on top of your 15 used that day, could be lethal! I like to add a little smiley face to my planner after each meal to remind myself that I've had a plate full of goodness, I'm full and satisfied and I don't need to pick on rubbish for no reason. 

Do you exercise?

The first 3 months of my journey the only exercise I did was walking, I tried to walk everywhere and at the time I had two heavy toddlers in a double buggy to add some resistance! We would walk for miles some days when the weather was nice. After losing 3 to 4 stone I decided I need to tone, so I joined the gym and did fitness classes like spinning, clubbercise and aqua boot camp. 

I used to run when I was younger and always wanted to start it up again, so over the last month I've worked myself up to be able to run 5k in 26.5 minutes - which I'm told is pretty good! I really enjoy running and I love the fact that I can run. Its helped me lose a good few inches and I've dropped dress sizes quickly since I started. 

I have had to invest in some decent, properly fitted trainers. I was getting injured and blisters the size of golf balls - I was completely ready to give up. Little did I know that I run like Phoebe from Friends and I was wearing trainers a whole size too small, so its worth having an experts opinion and I've not had any problems since. 

I also have a fitbit which really gets me moving, trying to beat my friends (mainly my husband) steps each day keeps me active!

What app do I use to edit my photos?

I use an app called "a beautiful mess".

How much per week do you spend on fresh fruit?

I wouldn't like to work this out if I'm honest! I've had a lot of stick about this in the past, but I absolutely love fruit and the money I'm saving on takeaways is probably going on the extra bit of shopping! The thing is, I don't smoke and I don't drink alcohol, so I don't see why I shouldn't treat myself to something I love and that's good for me. My two boys are just as bad as me, so we do go through quite a bit of watermelon! 

Do you have a meal planner?

I post every meal, every day on my instagram @mrsmummywright_sw. I can't recommend instagram enough, its packed with amazing people, posting fabulous meal ideas and recipes. I get all my inspiration from there. 

I have also done a meal planner post on my blog (found here) and I lost 4.5lb that week, just saying!

What motivates you?

I have a lot of things to motivate me, the usual things like my husband, my little boys and the fact I need to be healthy for them. Sometimes (without sounding vile), its not enough. I put my weight loss journey out there for all to see, which is so scary to do! All those people I hid from now know I was obsese - great! 

It was a huge deal for me to publicise my weight but I don't want my followers on instagram, my blog readers, my friends at group and everyone else to see me fail. The thought of it makes me so scared. I am so determined and so focused and its because I've taken myself completely out of my comfort zone.

I have done a post about motivation and planning here which may be useful - a lot of visual aids around the house to remind me I'm slimming!

What was my starting weight, height and clothes size?

Start weight 17 stone 5lbs, height 5 ft 6 inches and I was a maternity size 22 (even though I wasn't pregnant!)

What is your favourite food?

I think we've all established that I love fruit! I really love quark and melon! Absolutely yummy! I love all my food, I eat with my eyes and that extra 5 minutes making my plate look pretty makes me feel so much happier!

What do your children and husband eat?

We all eat the same. I prepare the same family meals as usual. The boys have extras like garlic bread and they have potatoes/pasta/rice even if I don't. They also have a good pudding, like sponge puddings and custard which I obviously don't have. The main point is that slimming world fits around my family and I'm not spending hours preparing different meals. A majority of the time the boys want what I'm eating anyway!

Do you have any loose skin?

I've had two 8lb+ babies so my tummy isn't perfect, but its a hell of a lot better than what it was 6 months ago! Other than that, I haven't. I'm really strict with moisturising (I use Cocoa butter) and I don't eat bread/potatoes/pasta often which I believe helps. I've worked hard to get toned so I'm not sure if that's contributed or made a difference.

Do you avoid carbs / only follow SP?

I do love SP, it suits me and I've had some amazing losses following that plan. I don't eat many potatoes/pasta or even bread, I never have done other than on a Sunday roast, so I'm not depriving myself. I fill up on speed foods and make alternatives like butternut squash chips, courgette spaghetti and I often have stuffed peppers.

I really hope this helps, you nosey lot!

Lots of love, Krystina xoxo

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