Saturday, 7 May 2016

Graze box

The last few weeks I have been making healthier choices and using my syns on healthier food. It seems to be working really well for me and I've noticed a few differences already. 

I have received quite a few mail order healthy snacks recently and I am really impressed with Graze Box.

Graze have a variety of boxes to chose from (including a chocolate one) but I have been having the 'light box' and they send me a new variety of 4 snacks each week - I believe you can have them every fortnightly too. They arrive in the post; which I find exciting, love a parcel!

This week I have received these yummy snacks which I haven't tried before and they look delicious! I have worked the syn values out and they may seem high for a small portion (I know some may feel you can get more for your syn allowance) but they really have given me a boost (on the scales and in my health) and its making me try new things. 

Mississippi bbq pistachios - 5.5 syns
Beach bum - 6 syns
Cherries & berries - 6.5 syns
Wholegrain banoffee dippers - 7.5 syns

Each box contains different snacks each time and come with nutritional information which I calculate on the slimming world online calculator.

You can try your 1st box for free! 

To unlock your free 1st, 5th & 10th box, go to and enter the code MRSM8366B - if you don't like them you can cancel anytime.

I've mostly used mine as a topping on quark with fruit salads - really tasty! 

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