Saturday, 23 April 2016

Week 25

Wheyyyy! My plan worked and I lost a perfect 2 lb this week! Amazing! Got that cheeky little 5 1/2 stone award, finally!

I've had a crackin' week, I've been so much happier not having those bathroom scales around to tempt me into a sneaky mid-week weigh in. Having a week back on extra easy has lifted a weight too, I've enjoyed eating yoghurts and grapes and been so full on speed food I've not used many syns.

Love my progress photo this week, I cannot believe how much I've changed. I've tried to match my outfits as much as possible, the trousers are the same style but a shocking 6 dress size difference!

You can read all about my gorgeous size 10's here - how bloody chuffed I'am about these trousers!

How gorgeous is this 5 1/2 stone award!? Love it and I've worked bloody hard for it!

Memo board is from Sarah's bespoke memo boards and she has some beautiful designs perfect for displaying those awards, take a look at her facebook page

So whilst I've been celebrating this gorgeous award, I've had some rather nasty comments about me being too thin and/or should stop losing weight. I don't usually react to negativity, such people don't deserve the recognition but I felt I needed to make a point about my BMI. 

For my height, I should be between 8 stone 3 lb and 11 stone 2 lb. I weighed in today at 11 stone 12 lb. My current BMI is 26.7.

I really want to be within healthy range, not because I think I will look good (that's obviously a bonus!) but I suffered with gestational diabetes and it was horrendous. My heart rate was always sky high, my BMI was 39.2 and I was high risk of developing diabetes. My health was rubbish and it bothered me.

I turned that around and now I'm a stone throw away from getting to where I want to be, healthy. I didn't have any comments when I was unhealthy and obese but now its acceptable to make comment? I'm doing this for my health and my family.

Back to the positive stuff! My husband is pretty amazing and we were lucky enough to have some time together this week without the boys and we had a little shopping spree! I had completely forgotten how fun it is to buy clothes for myself, my wardrobe has never been so stocked! Bought a couple of things I wouldn't have dreamt of wearing, I don't think my legs have seen daylight in years! I thought, sod it! I've not lost over 5 stone to cover up, plus its my last summer in my 20's!

So here's to a new week, a new fresh start all over again! Aims for this week - get thick skin!

Have a fab week, losers!


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  1. Love this...thank you so are an inspiration xxx