Saturday, 9 April 2016

Week 23

I have worked so hard this week. I had it in my head that I wanted to lose 5lb and get my 5 1/2 stone award. A big expectation but it was something to work towards. 

In 6 days I have squeezed in 5 fitness classes, I have done a perfect week of SP and the scales showed 2.5lb lighter this morning. Ok, so it wasn't the 5lb I wanted and I didn't get a lovely new award (and more importantly a sticker) for my memo board BUT it was a good healthy loss and I feel amazing!

I made a decision a couple of days ago to lower my target, again! 

For my height of 5 ft 6, a healthy weight range should be between 8 stone 3lb and 11 stone 2lb. 

My original target was 12 stone, then I changed it to 11 stone. I then suddenly realised that if I got to 10 stone 5lb I would have lost exactly 7 stone, which I feel would be an amazing achievement! So that's what I am aiming for!

I have an 8 week planner from which is going to get me this target!! Plus they are super cute and absolutely amazing for planning freaks like me! 

Here's my photo for this week, I love doing these, they really bring my brain up to date with my body! I still have an overweight brain that still takes me to size 22 clothes!

I have been so brave this morning and posted this photo on facebook! Its not so bad sharing this with strangers but for some reason I didn't want to face my school friends, people from my small town and old work colleagues. I wasn't fishing for compliments or looking for a confidence boost, I wanted to show that pregnancy made me balloon and I was so busy taking care of my babies that I forgot to take care of myself. I wanted to show that I am human, I became unhealthy and I turned it around. I hope that it gives other people the confidence boost and motivation to do the same. If I can do it, anyone can.

Love Krystina x

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  1. Hey my lovely.... I love that you are now blogging about your journey, transformation and your day to day progress. You really are inspiring, and I look forward to your daily posts and recipes. I am a slimming world fan myself, it helped me lose my baby weight after my little boy, and after having my little girl 5 months ago, I still have a stone to lose. YOU are my motivation.... Well done hunni, you look fabulous and healthy, I hope I can follow in your footsteps. Sharn xxxx