Saturday, 9 April 2016

Week 22

Oh my goodness, just what I wanted! My 5 stone award! I needed to lose 0.5lb and I lost 2.5lb! Thrilled to bits! 

I love displaying my latest awards at home, they have pride of place in my dining room. Memo board was handmade by my lovely mummy and lots of beautiful designs can be found on

Another bit of bling to add to my book too! I love a sticker! I have never been so proud of anything more than this book! I'm hoping to add a few more over the next few weeks!

I always like to take a motivational photo to show my progress each week. I am running out of photos of me being so big to compare myself with, I hated having my photos taken so they really are limited! However, I found some old pyjama bottoms and I remember wearing them (they're actually my husbands) and they were like leggings on me. Not any more!

When people say "oh my god, you're half the person!" they weren't wrong!

Love Krystina x

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