Thursday, 14 April 2016

Walden Farms Caramel Syrup

I have had an incredibly sweet tooth recently and I have really only wanted to eat chocolate, cake and sweets! By miracle I have managed to stick to plan but I have been scowling the internet for things to keep me from a binge disaster!

I came across Walden Farms and after checking the syn value I just had to order some to try. I ordered the caramel flavour syrup from Amazon and it arrived this morning. Now, it is a little pricey for syrup, but its a good size bottle (thankfully)!

I've checked and double checked this.. 0.5 SYN for 4 TABLESPOONS! 

I'm pretty impressed by this and got straight to work making oaty muffins! (the recipe for oaty muffins can be found here) I used 3 tablespoons for the muffin mixture and the house smelt amazing as they were cooking! The other tablespoon I drizzled over a bowl of speedy pear, my mouth was literally watering just looking at it!

Oh my goodness! I am impressed! I thought it was the most amazing thing ever! I do use choc shot and I do like it but it doesn't particularly taste like 'real' chocolate. I think Walden Farms caramel sauce tastes like 'real' caramel sauce. 

I will definitely be buying more and I have already purchased a couple of different things to try, sweet and savoury. 


Love Krystina x

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