Thursday, 28 April 2016

Throwback Thursday

If any of you follow me on instagram, you know I post a #transformationtuesday and a #throwbackthursday - if your not following me on instagram, you need to stop reading and do this now! I'm at @mrsmummywright_sw 

This week I wanted to think back to what my life was like, only 5 months ago. I refused to have my photo taken and I literally have one photo that I can find of me and my eldest son Noah. This makes me so sad! 

I have never shared this photo, even though it means so very much to me! This photo was taken at my sister's baby shower and after Noah's very first football lesson. I should have been so proud of this moment but instead my weight held me back and I selfishly refused to let anyone else see it. 

All of those opportunities I've had to capture myself in Noah and Jude's life are non existent all because of my weight, even newborn photos. I could cry! I will never get those moments back.

5 stone 7lb later, we are snapping all the time now and I no longer care how crazy I look, whether I have make up on or if my hair is out of place. I may have lost weight and gained confidence, but nothing is going to hold me back from sharing memories with my little boys! #nomoreregrets

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