Saturday, 9 April 2016

Speedy lunches

I have a lot of questions about what I eat for lunch, especially when I am doing SP days. By lunch time I am starving, the boys are grumpy, hungry and wanting to nap, so I really try to keep my lunch filling but quick! 

I LOVE a stir fry! I can pack loads of speed vegetables in and they are really cheap! I always have a good loss when I've eaten lots of stir fry, not sure if its because they fill me up so I snack less or because of the amount of speed vegetables, but I love them regardless!

All free - which is even better! 

I buy the stir fry packs from Asda or Aldi, add a few more beansprouts, chicken breast, soy sauce and that's it! Fool proof!

I also make stir fry with left overs from Sunday roasts, below is a lamb stir fry with leftover broccoli, kale and cabbage. I added some peppers, bean sprouts and onions and it became a tasty lunch that cost very little! 

My boys love stir fry too! I really try to encourage them to eat the same foods as me, I don't want to be cooking three different and its important they have a healthy diet. 

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