Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Size 10

Anyone who knows me might have heard about my 'off scale victory' today! I swear I have told everyone that's brushed past me.

I didn't have the best start to the morning, although its pre-school day so we were up and out the house early. Me and Jude had the pleasure of taking Grandma shopping, we always love spending time with her roaming the shops and looking for hidden treasures!

Anyway, Grandma wanted to go to Monsoon, she had a voucher which she needed to spend but there was naff all in, other than these summery trousers, similar to what I lived in last summer which were a size 22. 

I grabbed a size 12 to be hopeful and a size 14 to be realistic. I started with the size 14, massive! I couldn't believe it! I shouted Grandma "ay up, I think I might need the size 12 in these!", so on went the size 12, never! Too big! We both stood there looking at each other, never? Grandma didn't say anything, she just toddled off and came back with a tiny pair of SIZE 10 trousers! They fit, with plenty of room and no muffin top, might I add! I did the sit down test and everything, yep they fit! 

Chuffed is an under statement. I was told I would never be a size 10 again, I've checked a million times and the label definitely says size 10! 

And here they are! I couldn't be more happy and proud! I did my Aldi shop in them earlier and I swear, I will be wearing them everyday until I get to a size 8! 

Just so you can see the difference, here's a photo of me in my size 22 trousers from Monsoon last year!

Don't ever give up, I honestly didn't think this day would come, its so crazy it doesn't seem real. Other people might not believe in you but you can do anything if you believe in yourself. 

I didn't manage to get this healthy, slim and fit for my wedding and its such a shame I didn't find slimming world sooner. 

To all of my lovely followers out there reading this, if I can do this, then so can you!

Love Krystina (in her super slim size 10 trousers)


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  1. Absolutely fab. I'm so pleased for you hun. Great achievements. You defo inspire me to keep up. ���� xx