Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Posh brekkie

I've really tried to mix up my healthy extra's this week and it was so stressful trying to think of something for breakfast that didn't contain my old faithful 35g oats! I have been so used to them I had forgotten about all the lovely free food I can have!

So here's my posh brekkie! Bacon, poached dippy eggs, roasted tomatoes and asparagus!

I have a confession - this is the first time I have ever tried asparagus and I love it! I really enjoyed dipping them into an egg! I was supposed to be having boiled dippy eggs, but I always tend to leave the whites, so I thought I'd poach them instead to save waste!

Really helpful tip on poaching eggs without losing half the whites and having a yukky saucepan to clean! I pop some cling film into a mug, crack the egg inside and twist the top to make a little eggy bag! Just pop the bag in the saucepan and peel away the cling film when its done! Easy peasy!

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