Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Planning and motivation

I'm always being asked how I've lost so much weight in such a short amount of time, what's my secret? Do I have any hints or tips? 

I have no secret or magical explanation, however I do have plenty of tips that's made my life so much easier and as a result, I really enjoy being on plan.


I'm naturally a very organised person and I always have a note book on the go, full of food diaries and lists. I stumbled across this amazing mummy a few weeks ago who makes these superb slimming world compatible planners. It is completely jammed packed with planning aids to keep you 100% on plan. I couldn't be without mine! 

I have gone into more detail about the eight week planners here and you can purchase an eight week planner here

Every weekend I sit down at the table with my slimming world magazines and recipe books and plan my meals for the week ahead. I always try to make one new recipe a week to keep things fresh and interesting. As I'm planning, I start writing a shopping list and get some body magic in by running to and from the kitchen checking what ingredients we have in the cupboards!

Throughout the week I take screenshots of any recipes or meals that tickle my fancy on Instagram and Facebook, sharing is caring and it keeps me motivated!

I have the calender handy too, I try not to plan a new recipe or big preparation dinners on the days I have afternoon nursery run's or heavy dinners the evenings I have an fitness class. 

I also use a weekly chalk board to make a note of what exercise I have booked in for that week, I like to mix up my routine each week to make sure I don't get bored. This is also handy for my husband as I don't have a set weekly routine, he can clearly see what I'm planning to do!

 Calender is from Emma Bridgewater and chalk board is from a charity shop (love a bargain)!


Lots of things keep me motivated, I keep so many visual aids around my house to constantly remind me that a peek in the 'dirty food' cupboard (which belongs to my husband and kids) is just not worth it. 

I keep my latest certificates up on my memo board in my dining room, perfectly at eye level so it catches my attention all the time! They look really pretty and so they should! They deserve pride of place!

Bespoke memo boards are available in various sizes/designs & can be purchased here

As I've gotten closer to my target I've needed something a little extra to remind me that I'm almost there. I bought a light box from B&M stores a couple of months back, it was in the Christmas sale section but I know you can get them from other online stores. I've used it for lots of occasions, however its now permanently out and being used as my target countdown. 

The biggest motivation for me is the two little monkeys that got me into the mess in the first place! They keep me busy, they contribute to my body magic and they make me be the best person I can be. My laziness and attitude stopped me from taking them swimming, going out to places and even going for a walk! I didn't want to be that mum any more and I didn't want my negative issues rubbing off on them.

I know a lot of people who do slimming world online or follow the plan all by themselves at home. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, everyone is different, but that just wouldn't work for me. 

I absolutely love my group on a Saturday morning! Its a place where I can be with people who feel just like I do and my consultant Sandra, is just fabulous! I wouldn't have got to where I am now if I didn't attend group, I've picked up brilliant tips, recipes and truly wonderful friends.

Knowing I have to face the scales and a group of people makes me put that extra bit of effort in!

I hope this helps! 

Love Krystina x

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