Wednesday, 20 April 2016

One perfect day!

I have recently taken a break from doing SP and went back to doing extra easy. I still like to avoid potatoes/pasta/rice where I can. I'm not a fan of bread either, it bloats me terrible! I think its been a good choice for me and by accident I completed a pretty perfect day! I used 0.5 syn all day and I was completely stuffed!

Here's what I scoffed! 
(click for recipes)

Breakfast - Oaty breakfast pizza with secret speedy carrot base, caramel quark and topped with banana. A bowl of speed berries and a lemon water. (0.5 syn for caramel sauce)

Lunch - Bacon, spinach and egg muffins, with spinach and plum tomatoes. Pudding was a speedy fruit salad and sweetened quark.

Snack - Summer berry and yoghurt bites, with a side of speedy strawberries and a fruit punch squash.

Dinner - Cheesy leek stuffed peppers with bacon, spinach and plum tomatoes.

Enjoy! x

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