Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Eating out

Last Friday, me and the hubby had somehow managed to be child free for the morning - I cant even remember the last time this happened! Literally, I have no idea!

So off we went shopping for the morning, how amazing! I have re-discovered my inner shopaholic! A morning shopping also means eating out! It doesn't have to be as daunting as you first think. 

So here we go! This is what I had:-


I prepared overnight oats the night before, I knew I would be rushing around with dropping Noah at pre-school, sorting Jude ready for Grandma's and trying to get myself ready, so it was a no brainer to have something super quick, super filling and be able to eat on the road!

I had carrot cake over night oats and a green tea - recipe can be found here


Where do you start? The choice in restaurant is enough to scare you, let alone the menu! We chose Harvester, purely because I know they do a 'skinny' range and they have a salad bar (plus Nando's was closed!)

I chose the skinny steak, served with a roasted stuffed pepper and mushrooms. I piled up the salad bar and created a huge filling lunch! It was lovely! I did ask for no oil to be used, so fingers crossed this should have been free!

Coffee break:-

You cant go shopping without a coffee break, right? This is where the trouble would start, costa is slimming world hell! I was prepared! I saved my healthy extra a & ordered a normal coffee with skimmed milk and provided my own cake! Luckily I had baked lemon drizzle cupcakes the day before, for 1 syn each! I also had a handbag full of fruit to snack on, but I was so stuffed I didn't need it!

Result! I got through it! I saved pounds from off my bottom but unfortunately not from my bank balance! Completely shopped out! 

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