Saturday, 9 April 2016

Chilli cheese roasted peppers

Discovered something amazing! 

I've been a little bored of healthy extra a's recently and always used milk. However, I didn't know you can have four, yes FOUR, dairylea/laughing cow light triangles! 

So I popped them in a pepper, sprinkled them with chilli flakes and roasted them! AMAZING! I've been having them on my SP days with ragu or steak and speed greens. 

They only take 15-20 minutes and I always have some speedy packed ragu in the freezer from bulk cooking so its a great, filling lunch or dinner when you haven't really planned. Although they are so good I plan to have them!

I love them and have them with everything! 

Another combination I have tried is stuffing the peppers with ragu and popping the cheese triangles on top! Heaven!

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