Saturday, 23 April 2016

Carrot cake overnight oats

I had a shopping date with the hubby this week and suddenly realised my morning would be hectic! I love my breakfast and I usually pick something that needs baking, so I thought ahead and made some over night oats. I fancied a bit of carrot cake at the time, so rustled up this beauty!

Warning - mine looked like coleslaw, it didn't look appetising at all, but I scoffed it down and I loved it!  


35g oats (healthy extra b)
1 pot of toffee yoghurt (I used 2 small pots of greek style toffee yoghurts from Aldi - 1 syn)
1 finely grated carrot 
1 snack box size pack of raisins (mine were 2 syns)
1 tablespoon of mixed spice
sweetener to taste

Really simple, you have to prepare them the night before (as the name suggests) and they are ready to go by morning! 

Layer the yoghurt, carrots, raisins and oats into a container. I sprinkled a layer of mixed spice and sweetener too but this is optional - I use a glass flip lid container which I bought from ikea for about 80p. Seal container and leave to work its magic overnight. 

Enjoy xx