Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Carrot, apple & raisin porridge

I'm totally loving carrot porridge at the minute. For saying I turned my nose up at the thought of carrots for breakfast, I really look forward to it!

I tried something new this morning, I added some grated apple and raisins to the mix. Unfortunately, cooked apple is synned, 1.5 syns per 100g. I used about 30g of cooked apple, so I counted 0.5 syn. Whether you do this or not, is up to you. I like to follow the rules and I like the thought of my syns being healthy.

It tasted a lot like toffee apple and I enjoyed every mouthful!


35g porridge oats (healthy b)
1 finely grated carrot
30g of grated apple (i used the chunky side of the grater)
1 snack box of raisins (mine where 2.5 syns)
1 table spoon of mixed spice
boiling water


Mix all ingredients together and top with boiling water to just above mixture level. Pop in the microwave for 1-2 minutes and serve. You can make this with milk if you wish, but I personally prefer to save my healthy extra a and use boiling water. It tastes just as nice and fills me up until lunch.

I served the rest of my uncooked apple on top. 

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