Monday, 18 April 2016

Bread-less BLT

I've made these wraps a couple of times when I've not had enough syns / not wanted to use syns or healthy b, but really didn't fancy a boring salad.

I was supposed to be having salad for lunch today - but I've made this instead and using the same ingredients I would have used for that boring salad!

I made a normal 2 egg omelette with red onion and once cooked left to one side to cool. I then fried (with fry light) bacon with visible fat removed and some plum tomatoes. Layered the omelette with lettuce and added the bacon and tomatoes. Attempted to wrap the filling (I always fill them too much!) and secure with a cocktail stick. I had mine with cucumber, carrot and cottage cheese sprinkled with chilli flakes. Delicious!

I made one last week and spread with dairylea light (healthy a) and added ham and cucumber. Really nice! It obviously doesn't taste like a tortilla wrap, it tasted of omelette but its nice and a change from just chucking the ingredients on the plate as they are. 

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