Saturday, 9 April 2016

Body magic

I hate to admit it but before I joined Slimming World I would rarely move at all. I refused to walk Noah to nursery, which is a 15 minute walk from home and I became extremely lazy! (I feel awful even typing this!)

As soon as I lost my first stone, I felt more confident in getting active. I started walking, walking everywhere and it killed me! Every day I braved the cold, wrapped the boys up and walked further and further.

Pushing these two monkeys up Boot Hill and Merevale lane (trust me, they are literally Everest!) has worked wonders! Plus, the boys had so much fresh air they didn't catch a cold all winter! Bonus!

Its only been recently I've felt the need to step up my fitness, I still walk everywhere and I have joined the Fitbit crew! It makes me put that extra bit of effort in each day and when I've been lazy, I'm strutting around the living room until I've reached my 10,000 steps! My hubby even bought me some pretty wellies, which was a huge deal as I couldn't fit my chunky legs into any boots above my ankle!


I'm now doing 3-4 fitness classes per week and I absolutely love it! I always try to attend the classes after the boys are in bed and it fits into my routine perfectly, so I'm more likely to keep it up! 

I've been going to Clubbercise, which I love! So much fun! I've recently braved Aqua Boot Camp and Fit Bike too, very intense workouts but its worked wonders on me and I'm getting fitter and fitter each week. I feel absolutely amazing and my body is so much more toned.

I'm currently on my Gold Body Magic Award - in 2 weeks time I will have earned my Platinum Award! So excited!

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