Monday, 18 April 2016

Black forest overnight oats

I have tried overnight oats a couple of times and they have been dry and tasteless, but I think I've finally cracked them!  


35g oats (healthy extra b)
1 pot of yoghurt (I've used a cherry mullerlight)
A good handful of Aldi's black forest frozen fruit


Really simple, you have to prepare them the night before (as the name suggests) and they are ready to go by morning! 

Layer the yoghurt, fruit and oats into a container - I use a glass flip lid container which I bought from ikea for about 80p. Seal container and leave to work its magic overnight. I didn't defrost the fruit beforehand, I just put it straight in the container from out of the freezer.

The frozen fruit gives off some juice as it defrosts which I think helps soften the oats even more and it tastes amazing! 

I shall be preparing these for breakfast when I have Nursery run's and little time in the mornings. I might even start taking them for after weigh in on Saturday morning! Lush! I shall be testing out some delicious new flavours this week!

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